Thursday, 6 August 2015

Domain Flipping Using

Flippa isn't just a place to buy and sell websites - many people have also made a lot of money selling domain names. Domain flipping means buying a domain name, whether direct from the registrar or from another seller, and selling it on at a profit.

Setting Up A Domain-Only Auction

Setting up a domain-only auction on Flippa is much like selling a full website. Simply select the domain option as you create the listing, and you can go on to enter further details such as the date registered, and any listing text you feel is valuable for the buyer. Specific information to include should be the domain age (aged domains are generally higher in value), whether it comes with any content, whether it has any backlinks, Google Pagerank and so on. Once you've set up the listing you'll need to pay the $19 listing fee and verify that you own that domain.

Flipping Newly Registered Domain Names

There's no reason why you can't flip domains you've only recently registered, but there are a few things you need to know before you do. When you try to sell a domain you've bought within the last 60 days, Flippa will display a "recent domain registration" warning to buyers.

The reason why Flippa does this is because domain regulations state that you can't transfer a domain name to a new registrar within 60 days of buying it. For example, if you registered the domain using Namecheap, and the buyer wanted to transfer it to GoDaddy because that's where they have all their other domains, they wouldn't be able to do that until the 60 days was up.

This doesn't mean domain flipping can't be done with new domains - you can still generally transfer the new domain name to the buyer by pushing it to their account on the SAME registrar. So, if you registered it at Namecheap, they'd just have to register a free account at Namecheap for you to push it over to them.

Once The Auction Is Over

Domain flipping is generally a lot quicker to finalize than website flipping, thanks to the fact that all it takes is to transfer the domain name to the new owner. To do this, they will have to go through the transfer protocol of their current registrar, or simply sign up at your registrar as mentioned in the example above. Once the domain has transferred (this could take up to a week) they will have full control and ownership until the expiry date.

Domain flipping can be an extremely popular endeavour once you know what to look for in a domain name!

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