Sunday, 13 November 2016

Finding Your Niche as a Senior Entrepreneur

By the time you retire, you probably know what you enjoy doing. In fact, you may have become quite an expert at a particular topic such as golf, fishing, cooking, travel or some form of craft.

You may have also had job experience that you can turn into a money-making opportunity on the Internet. Imagine, then, turning either your lifelong passion or your former occupation into a profit-churning business.

There are so many online options for you to choose from when you're considering the possibility of become a senior entrepreneur. Blogging, affiliate marketing, creating digital courses and many more ideas are available for you to showcase your expertise and help others learn what you already know.

Exploring further, you may see a way to turn that knowledge into a business that you can profit from and enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a niche that you’ll have fun dabbling in or one that will fill a need and make money – you can find success by following your passion.

There are different ways to go about picking a niche. Aside from profits and passions, make sure you either know enough about the concept to share it, or you’re willing to learn more before you begin to share.

Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with starting your business as a bona fide newbie, and saying so – because people love to watch the journey unfold as someone absorbs information that’s new to them, and shares how they implement the knowledge until they achieve success.

Make sure that you can enjoy – or at least stomach – writing about your chosen topic on a regular basis. Don’t pick something that will make you dread working on it because blogs and online businesses require your attention.

Go into a bookstore, into the non-fiction section, or look online, and see what kinds of topics there are. These are generally topics people will pay money for – such as relationship help, cooking advice, and pet care.

Think about whether you want to be in a broad niche, such as anti aging or survival – or if you prefer to narrow it down to something like skincare or food prepping for an emergency situation. Sometimes a broad niche gives you more opportunities for sales, but the narrow niche enables you to position yourself as the 'go to' expert a little more easily.

Don’t pick a niche that you’ll be unhappy in. Even a niche like depression may seem rewarding because you get to help people, but keep in mind that your audience may also make you feel sad if you’re the type of person to let other peoples’ problems weigh on you heavily.

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