Monday, 20 July 2015

Retirement Doesn't Have to Mean the End of Your Career

Will Rogers once spoke about how half your life is wasted attempting to find something to fill the void of all the time you rushed around trying to save. Most people have many productive years left after retirement, and that’s plenty of time for you to start a new career, lead a different lifestyle and enjoy numerous successes.

We baby boomers aren’t content to accept the gold watch and then be relegated to a life of isolation. It might be fun and relaxing for a while, but eventually boredom sets in and it becomes difficult to spend the days in forced idleness.

After the honeymoon period of retirement has ended, you can find yourself becoming so bored and inactive that depression can set in, changing your health and outlook on life.

But retirement can be a very active and challenging time for seniors. Rather than finding a job, which can confine you to certain hours of the day, think about starting an online business.

Online businesses can be very rewarding, both financially and intellectually. You can set your own hours and supplement your retirement income nicely from an online business - when done properly.

Don’t worry if you feel technically challenged. There are many universities, colleges and online courses that offer specially-designed courses for seniors on everything from computer programming to simply getting to know your computer.

You’ll be learning a new and exciting way to fill the hours of the day with project planning and marketing that will not only boost your income, but will provide a way to keep your brain power sharp.

Low interest rates on savings and less-than-stellar returns on pension investments mean that, if you’re a recent (or soon-to-be) retiree, you may not be able to live comfortably on your retirement income.

Learning about available opportunities on the Internet can provide you with a boost in income that can be stimulating and profitable – and with very little startup cost. If you have a computer and know how to use the Internet, you can start your own business.

Not only will you have extra money – but you’ll have the added satisfaction of building and growing something.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when beginning anything new.  But if you keep yourself motivated by reading blogs and finding other ways of keeping in touch with seniors just like you (such as social media groups), you’ll soon master the strategies of making money on the Internet and be on your way to a new and exciting life-after-retirement.

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