Monday, 10 August 2015

Websites That Earn Ad Income, Another Work At Home Business Model

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Maybe you've thought you'd like to earn some online income now that you've retired but you're not sure where to start. So what should you do? Well,,, you could get an online income stream started by building AdSense sites.

What Are AdSense Sites?

AdSense sites are typically websites you set up with keyword-rich content and strategically placed AdSense ads. You can never encourage people to click on the Adsense links as that will get you tossed out of the program, but when people do click on the links you earn money for each click. They don't have to buy a product, although the originator of the AdSense ad hopes they will; you get paid for the click.

Typically, the site is set up and usually not manually maintained, meaning you don't keep adding content. There are ways to keep content coming with the advent of plugins that pull in news feeds, EzineArticles, eBay auctions, Amazon product reviews and so on. Each of these serve a different purpose and should be investigated as to their efficacy and reliability, and whether they are legitimate.

Aren't AdSense Sites Dodgy?

Sometimes sites made for AdSense get a bad name because unethical marketers use content they've "scraped" illegally from other legitimate sites. Do it the right way, add content you have legal permission to use, and you won't have to worry about your sites getting banned or sandboxed by Google.

Your income on one or two sites probably won't be enough to pay the bills so you might need to have a lot of sites. One other thing you need is a lot of is traffic. If people don't come to check out your website, they certainly can't click on your AdSense links.

Selling Ads Directly

Another way you can make money from ads on a website is through offering ad placement on your site for a fee. Before you do this, build up your site with good quality content and use ways such as article marketing and backlinking to help build up your traffic. The more traffic you get, the more you can charge for an ad. If you have high traffic numbers, the company placing the ad will be willing to pay more for it because the exposure to viewers, and possible sales, will be higher.

Check out some of the bigger blogs and see how and what they offer in the way of advertising. If adding advertisement to your site doesn't seem like enough income for you, try a three-prong approach - sell advertising, sell affiliate products, and sell your own products for greater income potential.

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